View Full Version : Formalin dips between bucket transfer for fluke treatment

08/19/2017, 09:42 PM
Has anyone had any experience with this? The plan is to abandon using my cycled QT tank and prazipro treatment for flukes and replace it with:

1) Formalin dip flame angel
2) transfer flame angel to sterile bucket with 3 gallon saltwater for 4 days
3) Formalin dip flame angel
4) transfer flame angel to different sterile bucked with 3 gallon saltwater for 4 days

Would adding prazipro into the bucket be useful to make sure any flukes die or since this seems pretty stressful, just adding prime to the bucket to make sure the ammonia/nitrite dont build up?

BTW the flame angel is not eating now, but i dont see any other option since it seems like the flukes are on its mouth (i guess this bc pecking at food seems to really bother it, and the lips have kind of lost color).

08/20/2017, 09:52 AM
Anyone think this is a good idea? Any recommendations about using Paraguard over formalin? Im thinking the malachite green might also be helpful here.

08/20/2017, 08:06 PM
I prefer treating all my new fishes with Prazipro, TTM, 2 dips with Praguard and 1 dip with Formalin. I used to dip my yellow tang twice but noticed his color looked faded. It took few months to recovered his color.

Normally, my new fishes will not eat in 3 days after passing treatment.

Just don't know why you leave your bucket for 4 days. It should be less than 72 hours