View Full Version : Yellow Stuff On Devil's Hand Coral

08/20/2017, 04:39 PM
Can someone please tell what the yellow stuff is on this coral? It's been in the tank about three weeks, my water parameters are all good, and nothing else in the tank looks abnormal. The devil's hand opened up all the way the day after putting it in the tank. Then half of it closed up for several days. I found the decaying carcass of a dead hermit crab sitting inside this portion of the coral, cleaned it out. Still wouldn't open, and then the yellow stuff appeared. I dipped the coral in a lugol's solution dip, the whole thing closed up, and has looked as it does in the photo for the past week.

08/20/2017, 05:17 PM
To me it just looks like it is waiting to shed. Unless it starts to "melt" or dissolve I wouldn't worry about it too much. Let it do its thing and it will normally turn out ok.