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08/20/2017, 11:20 PM
Hi there. I purchased this cynarina coral a few days ago. On day one he expanded to the same size (if not bigger) to what it was in the tank I bought it from. The next morning, expanded even BIGGER! I was so excited thinking he's loving my tank..... then the next morning he looked terrible! Completely retracted to its skeleton and mouth open a bit. He was like this for a day and then average looking for a day. Today he has expanded quite a bit again? However; some of the 'intestines' are protruding through the skin? I've only ever seen this in mushrooms where the intestines show as litte thread-like loops? It also has a small brown string (see photo) coming out of the mouth. What could this coral be trying to tell me???? :( I have it in a slightly shaded area with flow on the low side. It's on the floor on a bare bottom so sand is no issue. Any experience or ideas as to why it's intestines are showing when it's semi expanded? Water parameters are exactly where they should be. Is this coral just adjusting to my tank?
Thanks so much

The pictures are as follows: Day 2 (looking its best), Day 6 (semi-expanded but intestines showing)

08/22/2017, 11:51 PM
Things don't seem to be going much better :( anyone?? :(

08/26/2017, 09:54 AM
Hi Sam. I'm no expert and looking at the photos on a small phone screen, but it kinda looks like my Trachy when he's hungry. So I guess my thought is to check that. Plus, what are your water parameters?

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