View Full Version : Achilles Tang grey?

08/21/2017, 04:44 PM
Hey I just got an Achilles.

I have had them in the past with success, this guy is different though (sort of)

My guy is in a .5 dose of copper wiht a few other fishes in a 75g QT. No aggression or anything, everyone is eating well.

His color seems to not be so strong. It has almost changed to a light grey. Has anyone experienced this? I know when they signal they want to be cleaned they will change to the light grey color, I have seen it in my tank in the past, but this guy has slowly changed more grey and is staying that color constantly.

I have also seen 2 Achilles in stores that were grey all the time, over the last few years.

I am wondering if the constant grey color has soemthing to do with disease/flukes/wanting to be cleaned? Im stumped. I want the black color back!!!

08/21/2017, 07:57 PM
Is it getting enough greens? Does it have both enough space to swim and hide in your quarantine tank? The achilles I kept in the past turned grey when it was stressed or not getting enough nori.

08/21/2017, 08:37 PM
Yes to both.

I spoke to a knowledgeable fish store owner after posting this and he said that generally in medication Achilles will change color to grey. He alsp said it might be flukes but he is not showing any signs of flukes