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08/21/2017, 09:02 PM
Man, so happy.
I am finally back. Time to update my Cmas card.
So heres the thing.
I had to downsize to a 29 Biocube with the blue LED strips.
I've since built a DIY smartwater bottle and venturi pump skimmer for the middle chamber filled with dead coral for height and filled the camber with bioballs.
Added flow and return external filter to pump chamber. Going to bag in Phosban to the canister due to cyanoblooms. My RP RO/Di shattered in shed last move from cold and my tap ppi is 550 for Gods sakes.
So, I need a chamber 1 idea as a chaeto fuge.
Its pretty un sightly with chaeto sitting on my tonga branch.
I'm sure there's a hundred threads but no local store carries warerproof 5000k strips with external drivers.
Not gonna 2 part kalkwasser this time. I believe I can manage the KH/PG/Calc levels by hand easy enough.
No3 is zero
No2 only slightly shades during feeding.
NH3 is nill
Calc is low...maybe low 300's as a guess. Coralline hasnt spread.
Haven't tested PO...No need with the red slime its obviously high
So sticking to Zoos, crusts, and a mean as hell Damsel tank lmao. Trying a Duncan variety today, just 1 head and zee how she does.

Oh I failed to mention I cycled it with industrial stregth NH3 for 2 years before I put so much as a Chromis in it lol.

08/21/2017, 10:39 PM
Willing to trade something decent for a 55 professionally drilled with a 30 sump and quick drain.
My drilled 70 cube I just can't seem to part with :(

Woulda added in post but forgot how to delete lmao