View Full Version : Need help with 2 things please..

08/22/2017, 07:51 AM
Hey RC I have an established 3yr running 150g DT and 40g sump setup. Fist, I was doing routine maintenance today. I washed my sump filter socks(2 200 micron 1 100 micron mesh), and found these in the mesh filter. Good or bad?


Second, I know a little about anemones. I bought a BTA from lfs Friday of last weekend. I floated and then dripped it for about 4 hours and added it to DT w/o lights until the day. Here's a pic a couple days later.


Like I said I don't much about them but I thought it didn't look well. It hasn't moved from that rock and eats when I feed it mysis(twice since added). I was just wondering if you can see it getting better. Here's a pic from today with the lights on for about a half hour now. I think it's foot is looking better and the tentacles starting to swell. Any help would be appreciated thank you happy Sunday funday!!