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08/23/2017, 06:20 PM
I just wanted to drop a note here and to let everyone know about my experience with Marineland. I have a 20g rimless setup for a while that developed a crack in the bottom on one corner and a leak on the other side due to the silicon lifting.

I spoke to them the day it happened and explained what occurred. I was using the stand that came with it and was perfectly level before water was added. I came home one day to my tank about 1/4 full and water all over my floor. I had an area rug that soaked up the water, along with cover of my couch. I could NOT detect at the time where the leak was coming from. Well, I scrambled. I drained all the water, got my fish out (no deaths thank god) and had them in buckets. I emptied the tank and took it off the stand. I noticed that the under the tank had water and the stand had water on the top with the feet sitting in 1-2mm of water. I lifted the tank and found a crack across the bottom of the tank from side to side. It was about 4" long. I took the tank outside and filled it with the garden hose and sure enough, it starting to leak. However, seeing how fast it leaked and knowing it was full about 15 hours before, I knew it had to be more than that. I went around the tank and noticed that the silicon on the other corner had a small part where it was lifted off, this is where the majority of the leaking came from. It was actually shooting a small thin stream of water.

So after my rush to save my livestock and the cleaning of my carpets, I sent an email to Marineland and gave them the basic info. Where it was purchased, receipt, pics of the damage.

Within 12 hours or so, my email was replied to and the info for my warranty was sent to me to sign. I should see a check for the tank and stand (I waived the amount for the cleaning since it was done by a friends shop, but could have been reimbursed for that as well).

In the 35 years of me keeping fish, this is the first tank to ever crack on me. After this, I am feeling confident that Marineland sticks by their product and they will certainly see my business again.

Thank you Marineland for the speedy replies and resolution in this matter. I really appreciate that they made it painless as possible for me. I was pretty stressed out about the whole thing cause my GF was freaking out about the water. However, after cleaning the floors and the carpet/couch, all is well.

08/23/2017, 10:53 PM
Good service

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