View Full Version : Bubble tip is sick???

08/23/2017, 05:48 PM

I have a new bubble tip that has some white residue on it. Anybody what is it?

09/01/2017, 08:00 PM
I have recently been working on the health of my two BTAs.

How long have you had this guy, let me guess, 3 months or less?

1. These guys take on all shapes and some can be worrisome, to us, but not them. This is a shape you need to address. Altjough not immenent death.
2. The shape in your photos is one I have been fighting.
A. It is stretching, if it staying in this shape, for light.
B. Thus it is hungry so move 1 inch higher in 1 week intervals if you want to try that, dont burn him. Most lickly wont move on his own so try to get him happy on a movable rock.
C. Feed him 3x a week with uncooked table shrimp or scallop you will want a pencil shaped cut that is about .25 inches long. Start with smaller pieces, my guy threw back out big pieces until i condioned him to larger pieces over a month period. The length i shoot for now is about 1/2 the length of his stretch, so when he eats it he has enough room to swallow it all. All along pencil width, or slightly wider.

In the end, this stretch for a newer addition is hunger. Next stages if not fed will be a flattening of the plate and the tentacles barly inflatting and being nubs only.

That is the, I am very hungry stage. Ihave read a lot on this and if you dont have a solid 250 to 350 par on these guys or free floating food in large quanaties they will go hungry. In my systems this proves to be true. Some maybe not and, why I dont know. Feeding has worked for me. As with anything, when stretching beyond the rock surface, inside crevise stretch does not mayter, is try to grab more energy.

They wont always eat either and they can throw it back out 4 hours later, so keep it up, they will get used to eating this way and start doing much better. I hope this help.