View Full Version : Blue Tang Possible Parasite

08/24/2017, 04:58 AM
1. How old is this aquarium? 3months, 1000L, stable parameters since 3rd week. All corals doing great.

2. If less than six months old, what is ammonia level? 0

3. What is SG of this aquarium? How measured? 1.025, refractometer

4. When was the last fish added to this aquarium? 4 weeks

5. Was it quarantined? If so, how? And how long? Was it prophylactically treated? How? Was in QT for 3 weeks and not treated with medication

6. If you are using a copper based medication, which one? How often do you measure level? When? Since moving back to QT started treating with Cupramine and Prazipro 6 days ago

8. Please describe in detail, the appearance of the fish?
The Fish looks great at the moment. When first put in quarantine had 5-10 pin ***** black dots that looked like something may have burrowed into skin.

9. Please describe the behavior of the fish as best you can.
I took fish out of display a couple of days after introducing him with a PBT and a flame angel that he was in QT with as he had a couple of lumps on his body in the morning that disappeared in the evening however were replaced by a series of black pin ***** dots. Not raised more like entry points or needle pricks. He started riding the power head which was in a light part of the aquarium until lights out. At the end of the third day I moved him back to QT. He was breathing a little fast. He would come away to eat and then go back to the power head to surf. Looked fine otherwise. Clear eyes. I thought possibly flukes. I freshwater dipped him and put him in qt. Treated with Praziquantel 5 days ago and started running copper via cupramine now at about 0.4. All black dots have disappeared however still seems to favour swimming in front of the power head. Albeit not constantly. He looks fine, eats like crazy. Has no lumps, spots etc anymore. Just wondering what your thoughts are on whether the power head thing is an issue and how long you would treat for in the QT. I am still not 100% sure that he had anything. I was leaning towards gill flukes however not sure. I did the dip late at night in bucket that had sand grains in it so was hard to see if any flukes fell off. He is due second praziquantel treatment on Saturday according to the instructions.
PBT also appeared to have 2 lumps however this cleared quickly. Flame angel has occasional stringy white poo however has eaten all the algae from the aquarium and is the first to eat all food so could possibly be diet overload. Both fish are very alert active and healthy looking. I have a UV steriliser on the DT. Interested in your thoughts.