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08/25/2017, 09:58 PM
I have not posted here in a while but long time member so I apologize if I don't know the current forum rules when posting images/videos.

Been in the hobby for about 25 years on and off but came back this year with a vengeance! Here is my old JBJ 28 gal tank that i converted to a nano reef tank. Been a work in progress the past few months. You will see some equipment I've had for years in storage that i fixed back up into working condition (i.e K2R calcium reactor). Aqua Euro chiller with broken thermostat (stuck on) that i had to get a separate temp controller for. I'm patiently waiting for some coraline to build up.
Today i noticed tons of tiny copepods on the main tank glass moving around so I am a happy camper to finally breed to feed my corals.

Here is a list of thing i can remember i have running on this nano.

JBJ 28 gallon nano tank
CPR Aquatics Fuge 2 Refugium w/ LED lighting
SK-300 Nano Protein Skimmer
Aquatop MR-20 media reactor
ViparSpectra 165W LED Dimmable Lighting
Brightsky Aquarium Light Suspension System
Inbird Dual Stage Temp Controller
AquaEuro Chiller
Tunze Nano Osmolator
Aquamax GFO Phosphate Out
SeaChem De-Nitrate Remover
American Marine PH Controller
K2R Calcium Reactor w/ Eheim recirculating pump
5lb CO2 tank w/solenoid
5 gallon RO water reservoir
Rio pump for Refugium
Rio pump for media reactor
Beckett small pond pump for Calcium reactor
2x JBJ pumps for main tank return
Jebao SW-2 Wavemaker
2 in 1 digital salinity/ph monitor
Aquatic Life RO/DI filter system

Pic edited 10/8/17


Here is a video tour of my tank and equipment.


08/27/2017, 03:26 PM
Hi vinman and welcome back. Your tank looks beautiful!

08/27/2017, 08:06 PM
how do you like the ViparSpectra light? I was just looking at it today. I need to choose and order a light this week for my first reef.

08/27/2017, 10:46 PM
Thanks Ritten!

Hope to see how it looks as it matures. General rule of thumb i've learned, touch it as least as possible and stop moving things around.

I'm pretty sure i'm gonna leave it as it is (yeah right, everytime i stop by the LFS and get tempted).


The ViperSpecta is a overkill for my nano, i have to crank it way down but it does the job. If i had to get another light again, i'd go with one that has programming capabilities (sunrise/sunset) as it can get tedious manually (even with the remote) adjusting.

I haven't found the right combo yet but I'm sure it is capable of producing the needed PAR for the corals to thrive.

Btw, every time i stop by my LFS, i am in awe of the awesome color the Kessil lights produce. I may get that next time if I had to replace the ViparSpectra.

10/08/2017, 01:30 PM
So as an update, everything is growing nicely in the nano. I upgraded the lights to a Kessil a160we Tuna and controller that made the light spectrum much better.

I updated the top post with the newest pic.