View Full Version : Red Sea Reefer 350 plumbing

08/28/2017, 11:52 AM
Hello guys, first timer here.

I am expecting my Reefer 350 to come in the next couple of weeks and I am planing ahead so when it gets here I have most of what I'll need.

I have read and believe that the plumbing included with the setup consist of mostly hoses (soft plumbing). I truly like how clean hard plumbing could make the sump area look so I am leaning towards that route instead but I have a few questions and hope some Reefer owners can help

- How difficult is to do hard plumbing on these systems? I've read before they come in metric sizes so making it fit "standard" parts may be an issue.
- Have you been able to use the included plumbing lines and parts and get a super clean setup? Pics would be awesome!

Thanks a lot!