View Full Version : What's eating it?!

Aqua Fan 808
08/29/2017, 12:30 PM
Hi everyone. I'm newbie to the forum and hoping someone can help me with something I'm new at. Growing macro algae in my display tank.

I love these new colorful algae however this morning I woke up to find my 2 day old Dragons Breath macro algae literally torn out of it's base with pieces scattered along the bottom of my 75 gal tank. Was something toying with it or trying to eat it? Aside from snails, hermit crabs, and urchins, the only fish I have are two damsels, a clown, and a copper band butterfly.

I appreciate any comments or advice. Thank you!:debi:

08/29/2017, 12:52 PM
With only limited information, I'd suspect the urchins. What kind of urchins are we talking about?

Aqua Fan 808
08/29/2017, 03:30 PM
Hey Super,

Thanks your response. My urchin is a spiny boring urchin. He usually moves only at night and this morning was back in his hole. Although the algae was on the other side of my aquarium (2 ft away), I noticed pieces of the algae around the urchin's rock.

I will certainly keep an eye on him. Thanks again.