View Full Version : Woohoo! Or how to max out an Apogee. :-D

08/29/2017, 05:43 PM
I ran into a unique setup where I had to mount lights 5.5' above the tank. I ended up building my own 2 channel, ~250 watt fixtures using cree "3-up stars" and 16 optics. LED colors are 9 CW stars, 2 NW stars, 8 B & 7 RB stars. (I don't use violet or UV due to the color shifts they may cause with some orange or red corals.) Drivers used were luxdrive buckpucs and the fixtures were wired to run off either 12 or 24 vdc. 12 volt regulators were used for the fans and blocking diodes were used so both fans would run irregardless of which channel was on. A generic heatsink was used and the some fins were cut down to make room for the drivers. The housing was custom steel housing. Testing PAR my Apogee was maxed out at 3000 PAR about ~14" from the fixture. Check below to see PAR readings in the tank.





PAR readings:


And here's a video: