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08/30/2017, 08:13 AM
I am wondering if the cycst stage attaches firmly to a substrate or if it can be rinsed or brushed off easily?
I have recently carried out TTM on infected fish and my DT now sits fallow for 90 days with fish in QT holding. I have been reading around for a few weeks now while treating and learning about ich, TTM and QT but can't find an answer to this. If the cycst stage attaches firmly to a substrate and I can't rinse or brush them off easily I have no option but to QT all non fish items for a fallow period of 90 days.:hmm2:

My concern is with invert shells and coral skeletons carrying cysts. I know it might be low risk but I want zero risk of reinfecting with ich. Dipping corals and short QT is my plan if I can get rid of cycsts from hard surfaces. Anyone know the answer to this?

08/30/2017, 04:28 PM
You are correct. Anything wet should be qt'd with the exception of sea stars/ hares, etc. They should still be rinsed though.

There is no easy way around it, I know it sucks but if you want an ich free system, you have to qt for a min of 72 days, preferably 90.

08/31/2017, 12:05 AM
76 days should be ample I've never read any studies were 90 days is required the longest time a tomont (the cyst) stage was observed in a study was 72 days and keep in mind these were at lower temperature in a controlled study