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08/30/2017, 02:11 PM
My blue spotted watchman has been in my 65gal. for about 6 months or so now. He keeps to his caves behind the rocks a good 98% of the time, but does very occasionally come out and perch somewhere on the sand. What I'm looking for help with here is whether I need to be feeding him differently than I am or not. It seems like no matter what I feed (frozen or pellets), or how I feed (have tried feeding at a few different places simultaneously), all my other fish usually get everything before it makes it to the bottom. I do occasionally see the watchman get a few bites.... but not regulatory, not every day or every time I feed.

So.... in your opinion\experience.... should I stop worrying about him and figure between the few bites I see him get here and there, and whatever else he finds on the bottom that he's fine? Or..... do I need to be making more of an effort to spot feed him?

I'm hesitant to feed any more volume than I currently am (already feed on what I feel is the heavy side), but I can make more of an effort to use what I am feeding more effectively by spot feeding if folks think its necessary. Thanks in advance for opinions!

08/30/2017, 02:23 PM
My experience is:
They hide most of the time.
I turn on my lights (full white and blue) when I feed, hence all the fish associate this with something good, and gobies come out of their cave.
As you mention, they stand and sometimes catch something, but not on every feed. I've tried coming closer with the blaster to target feed but they hide for hours.
I've tried feeding more, but if it doesn't get close they just don't catch it, and it can create a mess....

Looking forward for advice.

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