View Full Version : Need help with Vectra L1 power adapter

08/30/2017, 08:34 PM
I need a power adapter for an ecotech Vectra L1...in a bad way. Mine has a short and I'm afraid to use it because it's shutting my return pump off and on due to overheating. It's literally so hot that I can't hold it for long. I opened it up because I could hear it buzzing inside when it's on. The contacts for the input power to the board are really bad. It's like a pin sticking through a donut of solder that's not even touching the pin. I tried to solder it, but I think there's already some other damage done to it, because it still does the same thing.

Is there a dealer near or in Tennessee that will have one in stock? Everybody I have found doesn't have them in stock and would have to order them from the west coast...which is about 4-5 days out. I need to get my sump back on line.


Alex Y EcoTech
08/31/2017, 12:39 PM

We have L1 power supplies in stock and can be reached by calling 800-785-0338 Ext. 2 Our facility is located in eastern PA and ground shipping to Tennessee is about 2 days.