View Full Version : Buildng a 40G reef tank. Help needed.

Bogdan Marin
08/31/2017, 11:58 AM
Hello everyone.
I want to build a 40G tank ( 80cm/40cm/45cm)with a 22G sump ( 70cm/30cm/40cm).
For the sump i was thinking to 3 or 4 compartiments from left to right:
1: skimmer
2: fuge with macroalgae
3: water pump
4: ATO
I want to use a bean animal located on the exteior of the tank.
I will write down a list with my questions:
- how big needs to be the skimmer compartiment and how tall needs the water column to be for the Bubble Magus 3 or 3+ skimmer
- how big needs to be the water pump chamber for the Eheim 3000 water pump
- where do i put the filtration material
- for the macroalgae growth i was thinking 3w led: 2x6500k , 2xred and 2xroyal blue. Is it ok?
- how do i calculate the water surplus that needs to be retrieved by the sump in case of a blackout
- what will be the optimal mesurements for the bean animal and the comb

I would appreciate any answer at any of those questions.

08/31/2017, 09:48 PM
Fun build, Refugium lighting can go from $-$$$$. BRS has a few good videos showing how the investment in a quality fuge light pays off. In your setup I would recommend the Kessil H80. Ive been using an H80 for the last 6ish months with fantastic results.