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08/31/2017, 06:33 PM
Has anyone here mapped out any of the Radion boards in EAGLE? I'm thinking about trying to do a DIY Radion XR15W Pro and if someone already has board files done it would save me much time.
I found these Chinese made Radion copy boards but they are not an exact copy and I don't think the TIR lenses from Ecotech will fit them but I guess I could fit individual lenses to each LED.

09/03/2017, 10:44 AM
I've seen a few that people have done, but they weren't willing to post up the files for fear of Ecotech "shutting them down" so to speak.

Does it have to be a radion clone board? If doing it yourself, why not cluster the emitters tighter together, and make it use LED industry standard lenses and/or reflectors? Might as well improve it if you are going through the effort. I for one would like to see a design incorporating Luxeon C or Z emitters, since they are leading the industry in efficiency and color choices...

Something like the stuff Theatrus is doing, but in a swappable format to "upgrade" common fixtures would be sweet-


I have two custom boards from him over my 20 long, and they ROCK.

Back when the AI Sol nano first came out, I drew up a swappable replacement board using Luxeon Rebel emitters, with tighter spacing that would work with diffuser sheet, but never had any made due to too busy of a personal life.

Edit- here's a thread from another site, assuming the mods don't delete it-

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