View Full Version : Fish Bendazole in a reef tank with inverts

09/01/2017, 03:14 PM

I have been told by a couple shops to use this product for hydroid elimination. I was also told that a in intended benefit of this treatment is that green star polyps and blue close polyps will also die. Is this correct?

I have coral colonies that have been getting eaten snd it has been suggested that I treat the whole tank.. I was also tols that this medicstion will not effect my carpet anemones or orther inverst. However the container states :: DO NOT USE WITH DESIRED STARFISH,SNAILS,ANEMONES, CNIDARIANS, MUSHROOMS OR CORALS AS IT WILL HAVE A NEGATIVE EFFECT AND POSSIBLY CAUSE DEATH.

I appreciate you thoughts. I do not want to kill muy tank , but i need thise critters to die so my coral can thrive.

I cant imagine my stores would tell me to use it if it would kill my tank. thsnk in advance

Ed Suchomel