View Full Version : Painting bare timber in aquarium cabinet

09/02/2017, 11:28 AM
Hi I'm strengthening my aquarium cabinet with some extra lengths of timber. I want to paint this to match the rest of the inside of the cabinet, what paint can I use? My sump will be under the cabinet so will it need to be fish safe? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks Ian

09/02/2017, 01:47 PM
A couple coats of any normal latex paint is just fine..
You don't need anything special at all..

09/02/2017, 02:56 PM
A couple coats of any normal latex paint is just fine..
You don't need anything special at all..

So in the UK i think that's Emulsion paint. Can I use fence paint as the grey colour I'm after is in the cuprinol range. I have attached a link is this safe?


09/02/2017, 03:11 PM
i would NOT use exterior paint of you can paint the lumber before you install. otherwise cover the top of the sump to keep fumes from getting into the water.

09/02/2017, 03:14 PM
It looks like they make several products for fences, not sure which you're referring to. On my phone it redirected me to the main page vs a specific product page.

At any rate, pretty much any store that sells paint will mix any product to any color. Most can even cross reference off other major brands color names or numbers. So I wouldn't approach this as if you're locked in to that product if you want that color.

As the others said, pretty much any quality paint is fine. I use a water based latex exterior trim paint - basically the same stuff you'd use to paint the outside of your house. I prefer a higher gloss product because it holds up to constantly being wiped down better than a flat finish.

09/02/2017, 03:32 PM
I agree on using interior and painting outside as much as you can before not only for less fumes, but it's much easier, then touch up seams, and if it's raw wood I'd prime/seal first, and I'd caulk seams after install/before touch up.

Exterior fence paint probably is loaded w/ chems to prevent rot.