View Full Version : EB8 misreading amps

09/02/2017, 01:42 PM
My energy bar 8 seems to be misreading Amp draw by about 4 amps. If I turn off all of the outlets so that nothing is running it still reads 4.1 amps and if I unplug everything... 4.1 amps remains on the screen. Any ideas as to why that might be? Should I be concerned? I don't have any statements affected by amp draw.

I use the EB8 for a Reeflo Dart return pump, two 250w MH pendants, a 300cfm cooling fan, a small ATO pump, a variable speed tunze and two small circulation pumps, one for a kalk reactor and the other for mixing new water change water. I suppose thats a lot of demand on it as energy draw peaks around 12amps at certain times of the day when everything can be running at once. Perhaps I fried something.

09/02/2017, 09:53 PM
You probably need to recalibrate the EB8's Amperage calculator. Page 139 of the comprehensive reference manual explains the process. It's quick and simple. Just be sure to disconnect all devices connected to the EB8 before you perform the process. The link will take you to the correct page.

09/21/2017, 07:37 PM
I finally got around to trying this out and have it reading correctly now. Thank you!