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09/02/2017, 03:50 PM
So I am 99% positive that I am going to settle on purchasing this Red Sea Max E 170. I am looking to get back into the hobby after a few years off. I had a 65g Reef tank that crashed a few years back. I have since moved into a new home and I am looking to get back into this hobby but maybe not go too big. In order for me to make the compromise with my fiancee I think I will be going with this Red Sea PnP kit because it has a very nice and clean look to it.

I am going to go with this base model to start with ( HOB sump instead of under the cabinet.) The reason for this is because even if I get the under cabinet sump to begin with its still an extra $300 no matter what. Anyway, I am looking to set up a list of how to start this build. I was thinking about first purchasing some sort of dry rock and getting it cured to start that process. Then I would purchase all of the accessories such as mixing cans , powerheads for mixing, secondary heaters, salt, testing kits, etc....

As far the actual PnP kit it seems as if it comes with every piece of equipment to start up the tank. After a month or so of cycling and then adding first livestock (fish) I will more than likely purchase an MP10 for flow to then transition into coral. Does anyone have suggestions on the best way of starting a small tank like this up? Also anyone know of good 5 gallon mixing jugs? I would like to purchase 2 : 1 for salt 1 for fresh. So here is a starter list besides the actual tank kit itself:

1. SpectraPure RO/DI : Probably 90GPH
2. Some sort of Live rock. 40lbs ish (some sand)
3. Two mixing jugs
4. Cheap powerhead for mixing
5. Testing kits

Please give me ALL criticisms and advice.

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