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09/02/2017, 06:40 PM
A couple months ago I built a canopy for my 72 bowfront.

Here is a picture guide.

Before- the wife didn't like the light stand/extra light coming off the tank.


Built the frame out of 1x2. The outside is birch ply wood. Nice sanded finish. I built a shelf 8 inches from the top board for light stand. I cut holes for 2 165 watt led lights. I used 1/4 inch birch ply for the bow front it was easy to bend along the surface.


I had light escaping from the edges because of the gap between the side and front. The thin birch was nice but I cut it too short and it left a large gap.

I added slivers of the thin birch to the edges to get most of the gap closed.

Painted with the new slivers added. I like the look of this! As does my wife.

Only problem is the sound from the pluming is increased because it bounces off the canopy. Makes the tank hum (mostly the skimmer)


The shelf doubles for cable hider for the circulation pumps and light wires.

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10/03/2017, 07:55 PM
Nice build

10/12/2017, 06:16 PM
Nice build

Thank you! 100 times better. I still need to drill big air vents in the back to allow heat dissapation in the summer. As of right. Ow bring in New England I am going to wait till the spring for that to save on heating [emoji16]

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