View Full Version : Might be some trouble...

09/03/2017, 12:01 PM
So...quick update; now that it's been a couple weeks things have changed a bit drastically compared to me wondering if they were even paired.

Now the bigger one (female?) is really picking on the little one. He spends much of his time allowing the intake to suck him to the side and stay still.

With that said, he's still strong (to a point) but also seems like he's being as submissive as it gets without turning over and dying.

He looks really healthy, swims just fine, but seems almost dejected at being anywhere other than somewhat hiding from the clown picking on him.

Thoughts anyone; should I let it go on a bit longer, should I take him back to the LFS?

I love the fish, but I don't want a dead one because I don't know any better