View Full Version : One Spot Foxface and turbos keep dying

09/03/2017, 03:54 PM
Over five years I haven't had a fish die except for my Kole tang of 7 years he recently past away. I decided to try a foxface to help combat lots of grape caulerpa. Local fish store had some 3 inch foxfaces on sale and I bought one he died a week later. Figure I buy another same size see if it was a coincidence he lived for two weeks then died. Started thinking could it be the grape caulerpa is it poisonous or maybe cyanide poisoning not sure can't find much info. The LFS had another sale and yes I tried again so far he seems ok hes eating and swimming with the other fish (large percula, large coral beauty, one spot blenny and a med size black wrasse. Today is a different story he's showing signs of stress swimming back and forth. My parameters are good, 80 Gallon reef, salinity at 1.024, PH 8.22, ALK 10 DKH and tank is mature 7 years old. I live in Phoenix, AZ where the summer time gets really hot. My AC only cools so much 83-85 F in my apartment and the tank chiller both are costing me a lot to run. I set it to run 82 on 80 off could this be the reason tank is too warm for him and turbos? I researched and some sellers say foxface temp 74 to 78 and others say 78 - 82 which is it? The turbos live longer in the winter so I realized I better run the chiller longer. Right now my tank is set for 79 - 80 F degrees.

Any recommendations?

09/03/2017, 04:03 PM
I just now fed some frozen mysis and plankton he went crazy eating. So maybe he was just hungry.

09/04/2017, 06:43 PM