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09/03/2017, 06:55 PM
Hi all,

I will be setting up a 45 gal cube tank (24x24x20high), and it will have my old 20 gal high (24x12x16high) as the sump. Unfortunately, if I build a stand with the same length/width dimensions as the 45 gal, I cannot fit the sump underneath. So I was thinking, what would I have to do to make the stand a little longer (30" long and 24" wide)?

I will be making it out of 2x4 SPF lumber. Can I instead use 2x6 or 2x8 for the vertical supports to make it a bit stronger to support this 3" stand "offset" from each side? Like in the picture attached (red will be 2x6 or 2x8, the rest 2x4)

09/03/2017, 06:56 PM
Ignore that the top bracing is digging into the 2x8s. I forgot to move them over when I changed the 2x4 for 2x8s. Bracing will be the same as usual, but only at the top

09/03/2017, 07:42 PM
2x4 legs will still be fine, no need for bigger, but you do need 2x also under the outer rim/brown part.
One thing I do a little different from rockets template is I lay a 2x4 flat picture frame somewhat to ride any slight deviations and I let that bump out which creates a ledge, and I ply sub top that, you could do same, but it's all a little overkill for that size tank.

09/03/2017, 08:41 PM
oh okay, thanks :) I had read elsewhere that the 2x under the outer rim were not necessary for structural integrity but I did have them initially. You mean something like this, right? Ignore the fact that they are a lighter colour

09/03/2017, 08:43 PM
Also, a point I'm wondering. Since it is shorter, the length will still run along the 2x4, but the width will run in the gap between the bracing. Is that okay, or should I place another 2x4 in there? THat would be a little tougher though, since it would require screws that are like 5" big

09/03/2017, 10:51 PM
I think your last drawing will be fine as long as u are using a plywood top, which u would need on a rimless tank anyways. Like Dave mentioned, there really is no need for anything bigger the 2 by 4. Using anything bigger on the legs will just make the opening on the front of the stand smaller, so U will have less access inside the stand.

I would use 3/4" plywood on the top & u won't have to worry about the sides of the tank not ending on top of the frame. U Should only have 3.5" inbetween the two 2 by 4's on the ends running front to back, so the tank not sitting directly on top of them will not be a issue because 3/4" plywood won't sag with the braces so close together. The side of the tank will sit close enough to where it won't be a issue. If u are worried about it u can add a 2 by 4 flat all the way around the top perimeter & that will definitely take care of any issues u may have with the sides not sitting on the frame. Again, the same way Dave mentioned.

The reason Dave said to put the 2 by 4 under the top frame is because how u have it in your first drawing the screws themselves that hold the legs to the top frame would be taking a lot of the wieght. With the top frame sitting on top of the legs like your second drawing, the wieght is tranfered to the legs themselves and not the screws

09/04/2017, 09:26 AM
Exactly as Lsufan stated.

09/04/2017, 02:38 PM
Thank you for your help! Much appreciated