View Full Version : Japanese Pistol Shrimp Pairing Issues

09/03/2017, 10:34 PM
I got a pistol from my LFS the other day along with a wheeler goby with the intention of them pairing up but after a few days they don't seem to be interested in each other. They were bagged, acclimated and introduced together so I'm not quite sure what the issue could be. Do these two just not pair up?

Now, I'm not 100% sure if it's a Japanese Pistol as it was sold as a "Red Pistol Shrimp" and the order sheet simply says Alpheus spp. But it looks exactly like the Japanese Pistol shown on live aquaria, including the white spotting on the side as well as the white band on the pincer.

Any ideas?

09/05/2017, 06:49 AM
If I remember correctly the notes in DD on the Japanese red pistol shrimp indicate they don't pair

Bongo Shrimp
09/08/2017, 12:16 PM
Japanese Pistol Shrimp, Alpheus bisincisus are mainly free-living and don't pair up with a fish.