View Full Version : Cleaner shrimp and sea hare?

evil nick
09/04/2017, 08:46 PM
Hi all I recently grabbed a sea hare and he's been doing fine, he's small so his hair algae dent is not huge but it's new. He is slow but then disappears in an instant.
Anyway tonight I noticed my cleaner shrimp cleaning in his poop hole. Is this something I should be concerned about our normal behavior?

I want to make sure this won't make him ink or anything. Now for all I know he may do this at night anyway when I'm not watching but this time I caught it.

Any way is this normal?


09/08/2017, 08:36 AM
I thought I'd wait for someone with specific info to answer, but... depending on the species of sea hare, there's a chance the cleaner shrimp will "clean" it to death. I've seen it happen with snails, it might happen with sea hares.