View Full Version : Aqua Illuminations Prime HD

09/05/2017, 03:49 PM
Well after tinkering with it obsessively (lol) for a few days I can say I really do like them.

I just e-mailed Tim at AI and told him I was having some trouble connecting two lights together through their software. About 30 mins after I e-mailed him last night I wound up figuring it out on my own.

The price point was a stickler for a while but I figured I paid $400 ten years ago for a custom built waterproof T5 lighting setup for my 90 gallon so this wasn't that outrageous. Being able to control the spectrum is pretty neat as well as the ramp up and ramp down town. Something that better mimics sunlight I guess but not sure it really means much to the animals since my T5's were simply off or on as I woke up or went to bed.

Another benefit was being able to have an open top to the tank. My T5's were encased in a painted plywood fixture with waterproof connections and a well placed ballast. The guy who made it did a great job and that's how most light were up until about 10 yrs ago with few exceptions here and there.

Are they worth the money? My opinion would be potentially but can't say for sure yet. The added features are nice but are more for us the owners than the actual animals. I do like that their compact and fully enclosed though (not waterproof) and it gives me room to work in the tank if need be without having to be bothered by a hood or a housing. I think overall there are enough conveniences to make it worthwhile. Compared to a Mars Aqua or something similar it's a bit overpriced but they're easy to hang and in a small apartment a hanging ceiling fixture or a DIY setup isn't much of an option.

The LED's of today versus the ones 10 yrs ago have come a very long way and show no signs of stopping yet. Can't wait to see what the future holds :).