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09/06/2017, 02:29 AM
Apparently, I couldn't edit the title of my previous post. It is misleading, and I sincerely apologize. So I have an 8x2x2 tank currently in its fallow period and was thinking of restocking. I have a 50g QT and this is my proposed stocklist:

1 x blue tang
1 x majestic foxface
1 x racoon butterflyfish
1 x declivis butterflyfish
1 x purple tang
2 x hawaiian yellow tang
1 x annularis angelfish
1 x asfur angelfish
1 x scribbled angelfish (M)
1 x sailfin tang (my old, large sailfin tang)
1 x achilles tang

Would this be too much fish for a 240g? And if it is too much, could anyone suggest changes? Btw, I'll have the achilles as the last fish. Thanks!

09/08/2017, 07:19 PM
Anyone? Would it be so much of a concern that the asfur and annularis are of the same family?