View Full Version : LN and ULN Keepers Quick Question

09/06/2017, 05:48 PM
What lights do you all use? What kind, brand and amount?

NSW parameters were always the best way to keep the best looking and fastest growing SPS. This still works for me, by far. However, as lights have changed, people are looking for higher levels of N and P and I wonder if the two have correlation or causation.

I have a theory that lots of people today have lights that are less intense/effective than prior generations and they coral need to get more food from the water column, so I wondering if there is a trend with successful ULN systems and certain kinds and amounts of lights.

We all know that the ocean is ULN and the lights are are effective and intense as it gets.

I will start - .1N, .005-.01 P with 3x250W HQI, 2x150W HQI and 2x6' 165W VHOs on a 8x2x2 tank.