View Full Version : First marine tank 75 gallon with Homemade hang on refugium

09/07/2017, 08:00 PM
Hey all,

This will be my first post here on reef central, and since I have used many many threads to build/setup my tank I figured I would post what I have so far!!

I have a standard 75 marine land tank with a 1.5" sand bed using a combination of live bahama oolite sand mixed with standard aragonite sand (I plan on having gobies and wanted to make sure I have fine enough sand for them). I also have 52lbs worth of pukani inside the tank with a very nice layout if I may say so!

The hang on refugium is roughly designed after the CPR aquatics aquafuge that is out there. This is my first time dealing with acrylic, so it's not exactly pretty haha. But it works perfectly, is holding water, and I will be adding cheato this weekend!

I am using a BRS single reactor using their BRS ROX.8 carbon mixed with their GfO, and an eshopps psk-75 hang in protein skimmer.

The tank is currently cycling, I used bio spira to give the system a boost adding 2 damsels as well!!

Side note, I did not use a sump because of the stand!