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09/08/2017, 09:01 AM

So I finally found a chaeto reactor that is centrally lighted and put it online last night. Question I have since this is the first time I have used an external reactor is, how do you remove chaeto without spilling water all over stand? It has a 2 inch union one on top that can be unscrewed easily to remove reactor top.

Just worried water will spill everywhere or a siphon might occur because pump is in the tank and reactor is below.....The output tubing is below water in the aquarium. Do I turn off pump, pull tubing out of water to break siphon and remove reactor top? Thanks for answering...

09/13/2017, 11:29 AM
I would put in a ball valve right above the union to kill flow

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09/14/2017, 06:21 AM
Thanks shift! I figured it out....I cut flow, top outlet drains into reactor. I close bottom outlet ball valve and disconnect both unions.