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09/08/2017, 11:38 AM
Hey everyone,
I've been breeding discus, Rams, and many other freshwater fish for many years. Been keeping planted tanks just as long.

I've recently started working at my LFS and been exposed to saltwater. I just picked up my first saltwater tank, a FluvalSea Evo 5 (I know smaller tanks are harder, but it's what I can afford).

I plan on using caribsea live sand, and starting w/ dry rock, possibly seeding w/ a small piece of live rock. Once I get the tank cycled, I would like to keep a small clown, and maybe some other fish depending on what's available for this sized tank. Later on I plan on adding some soft corals.

I've been researching the whole saltwater thing and I have some questions.

1. What's the best way to cycle a tank? Would live sand start my cycle?

2. What fish are good for this sized tank?

3. What are some good beginner corals that will do good w/ the fluval lighting and flow?

4. What parameters do I need to check, except for the basic freshwater ones? Salinity, etc...

I'm sure I'll have more questions, that's just all I could think of atm. Have alot on my mind, about to get pounded my the hurricane here in Florida.

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Mr. Eel
09/08/2017, 02:06 PM
Umm as for saltwater fish in a 5g there is very little you can do I honestly wouldn't condemn any fish to a 5g, but if you wanted you could get a some clown gobies or a neon blue bogy and maybe some firefish. As for corals I'd say get anything easy lvl 2 months after cycle is completed and moderate after 6 months. DO NOT GET ANYTHING RANKED DIFFICULT OR EXPER ON LIVEAQUARIA UNTIL YOU HAVE DONE SW AQUARUIMS FO AT LEAST 6 MONTHS AND RESEARCHED IT THOUROUGHLY.

Also do params for amonia nitrite nitrate and pH.

Best way to cycle is to put in live rock and sand, then use a cycling expediter like Stability (my favorite) but if you work at lfs i'm sure owner or other employees can help you find one.

Buy fish here unless you have a really good employee discount and you trust your LFS not to have ich or other diseases.


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