View Full Version : Blue Spotted Puffer care

09/08/2017, 03:23 PM
Got myself one of these beautiful fish a couple of weeks ago from my local shop tonight is the first time he has eaten any food I have put in which was a cube of Mysys, cube of enriched Brine shrimp, a cube of cyclops and a cube of angel formula. He ate a fair bit as well for the first time up to now all he has done is pick around the live rock which fortunately I have a lot of in my tank. He is kept with a Niger Trigger a pair of bluethroat Triggers,Regal Tang, Sailfin Tang, 4 blue damsels and 2 Convict blennies which all get along as well as you could hope for. The only problem my puffer faced at the start was from the Sailfin Tang who gave him a hard time for about a week which may have contributed to him not feeding. I think the trick is having enough live rock for them to pick at until they adapt to the food that you put in.

Hope this help anybody that wants one of there amazing fish. Any questions please feel free to contact me.