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09/08/2017, 07:14 PM
Hi Guys,

I am needing to make some simple acrylic blocks to facilitate the fit of a Current USA light fixture to an ADA 90H. The darn tank is 90cm outside edge to edge which leaves me about a 0.5 inch short of where I need to be to get an acceptable fit with this light (size 36-48").

Are there any DIYs here that could do this for me for a fair price? I need a centered 10mm slot cut into two pieces of 1"x1"x4" acrylic. I am venturing to guess that it would be cheaper for me to ask someone to do the work versus me buying the router bit and whatever mortise/jig to get a a centered cut.

Thanks for any suggestions and/or referrals!


09/10/2017, 06:57 AM
No table saw?
No tools at all?

I'd help if I was closer..
Are these guys close?
I use them all the time to purchase acrylic from and the do custom work..

09/12/2017, 07:49 PM
I do not have any acrylic in that thickness , If you send me the 1x1x4 inch blocks i would be happy to run them thru table law and cut that for you.. But but

If you google plastic acrylic shop in your town i bet they would do it for almost nothing. Prob not much more then shipping cost.. another option is to use a piece of PVC Lumber you could cut that by hand easily...