View Full Version : Recent Apex convert thinking of rebooting his lighting?

09/09/2017, 07:21 AM
So I have 4 AI Sol and one Hydra 52 over my tank which is 24x25x 8ft long.
My Hydra 52 died a while back even though it may have been under warranty at the time I had lost interest in the tank and just let it sit. So when trying to decide what went wrong with my interest, I decided to try and get more control. I went with the Apex 2016 model and have been in love and it has already helped me twice since purchase.
I contact AI and ask if they have any upgrade kits to Hydra 52. They said nope but I can upgrade to Hydra 52 or 26 HD. They said for my coverage 26HD is all that I need. Sad thing is that they also called about my Hydra non HD and said it was non repairable as they don't carry any parts but HD. It was the same price to fix. Basically a discounted swap. And he said by the way it won't work with Apex. He would not say why but this seems silly.
I have never been a fan of EcoTech which is technically the same company because they have had lousy customer service in the past for my friends. I also noticed there is some equipment of theirs that is newer and non controllable too....
So if you guys had to do lighting over but not looking to really spend more than 450 ish a light. What would you purchase if anything. Keep the Sol? I was looking and maybe Kessil but until I researched I have not heard of them.
I know there have to be people who are Apex fans that like everything together what do you do?