View Full Version : Anyone not run a sediment filter on their RODI?

09/09/2017, 12:30 PM
I have a five stage rodi and currently run the chambers as follows sediment/5 micron carbon block/hi capacity di/silicabuster DI. I make a fair amount of water cause I use it for other stuff in addition to the tank and I tend to swap di frequently. My sediment filter in the other hand shows no signs of wear/collecting stuff in over a years time period and thousands of gallons of water.

So I'm considering running an additional carbon block in my rodi instead of the sediment filter. Any major drawbacks to this that I'm overlooking?

09/10/2017, 09:08 AM
I suppose you could run without a sediment prefilter, but I wouldn't do so without a pressure gauge before your membrane to see when your first carbon gets clogged up. There still will be sediment, and since carbon blocks have practically zero sediment holding capacity you may see membrane feed pressure fall quickly.

Did I miss where your membrane is?

09/10/2017, 01:05 PM
I am not sure where your Membrane is at withing the setup.. I would not run without sediment and its best to have two pressure gauges .

Mine is Whole house sediment Filter Pleated filter its in a larger housing then the others.

then my rodi system

.5 micron
.1 micron
Carbon block
Carbon block
pressure gauge
tds meter
Membrane 1
membrane 2
pressure gauge
Di resin
di resin

I run the membrane and di resin chambers in line of of each other..

I get 3 to 1 ration 0 tds to waste in my favor...

i change sediment filter once a year . the .5..1 filters every 6 months carbon blocks as needed .. depending on tds meter resin depletion is determined mostly with water temp so time of year.. seems they last longer the colder the input water is..

i also run my setup at 85 psi....

Good Luck