View Full Version : What to put in the Fluval Evo 13,5

09/09/2017, 07:01 PM

First, sorry if I can write unclear stuff. English is not my main language

I'm a beginner in saltwater tank. I know a nano tank is not the best but like I dont have a lot of space, it's that or nothing.

I just buy the Fluval Evo 13,5 kit with the skimmer. I will add a heater, CaribSea Ocean Direct Natural Live Sand (10 lbs) and probably around 15 lbs of life rocks.

My dream is to have mainly corals and invertebrates. Maybe 1 or 2 fishes because my little boy love fishes but it's not an obligation. I would like to begin to prepare a list of stuff I willl buy in the next monthes

Can you suggest me corals, invertevrates and fishes that would work well in this set up? Ideally, they need to be easy to survive with a newbie too :)

Thanks a lot!

09/10/2017, 08:28 AM
Once your tank is cycled (please check out the new to the hobby section on reefcentral), you can consider adding some easy to keep corals and fishes. You may want a small clownfish or ewually easy fish to keep (you can check out liveaquaria.com who have a nano fishes section as well as beginner fishes listed. You just need to keep your fish count veey low.

For corals, any mushrooms or ricordia, star polyps, leather corals, maybe a Kenya tree coral. Again, I believe liveaquaria has a good beginner or nano section for corals as well as fishes.

10/03/2017, 10:00 AM
just be slow to start nothing good in this hobby happens fast