View Full Version : Is QT using Essential oils could be enough?

09/10/2017, 04:40 AM
Hello everyone :)

I'm expecting a quite big special order of fishes direct from Philippines in 2 weeks. I have a 265g DT well established and a 54g for quarantine that is empty at the moment.

I am expecting quite rare fishes (rare at least for France :)...) like Pseudojuloides wrasses, Cirrhilabrus brunnei, Pseudanthias smithvanizi, Sycorax mandarin... I've read that almost all the species I'm expecting are not recommanded with usual prazi and cupramine QT, so I think I'll proceed to a smoother treatment with hyposalinity and high temperature for few days, then raising slowly to 1023 (my DT salinity). That's quite some time I didn't QT fish, so I'm scared to do wrong...

In addition, I know professionnal breeders uses Essential oils to QT fish, such as Oregano, Garlic, Niaouli and Ravintsara for a large spectrum anti virus, anti fungus, anti bacterial and deworming treatment, so I too informations and will do the same (1 drop of each to soak the food).

Do you think hypo and Essential oils would be enough to prep the Fishes before DT, for about 2 weeks (if they do well and don't show sign of parasistic infection) or would you do sometimes else?

I have Mythelene blue and Malachite green on stock as well, in case.

Many thanks for your advices.


09/16/2017, 01:34 AM

Just to up the post... None to give advices?

09/16/2017, 10:22 AM
I do not know anything about the essential oils but I do not think they would help at all. The hypo would but there are some strains that are resistant to hypo. Are there any fish in the qt now?