View Full Version : Urgent: Hurricane irma per outage dead excited battery backup?

09/10/2017, 05:52 PM
Hey, so I have and Ecotech battery backup and my power is out, but it powers one MP40 which was running on low mode earlier.
I came downstairs several hours later and noticed it was not running.
I've checked and make sure everything's plugged in properly.
The MP40's driver's light is green and it fades in and out twice, then quickly blinks red. I tried looking up this issue and wasn't able to find anything like this at all.

So have any of you seen this before, and can you truthfully tell me this doesn't mean my battery is dead?

09/10/2017, 06:11 PM

09/10/2017, 06:32 PM
How old are the batteries?

09/10/2017, 06:44 PM
Tried the reset method in video, driver would not respond.

Batteries are a couple of years old. If they're dead then there's nothing I can do.
My hope is that the lights' flashing patterns could mean something correctable. (Unlikely, I know). :-(

Lights are flashing all colors now, while the power level gauge fades in and out.

09/10/2017, 07:00 PM
if you have a car battery and a small portable inverter, plug it in. It'll kill the battery, but it will keep things going for maybe 6 hours

09/10/2017, 07:41 PM
might have to pull an all nighter.... every hour id put your hand in the tank with a cup or something and make some waves. least it will help with some water movement

09/10/2017, 07:54 PM
Whatever it takes. I have a sweet tea pitcher that I've been filling with water then dumping it in from as high as I can reach.

But yeah, whatever I need to do to make it work.

Thanks guys.

09/10/2017, 08:13 PM
Maybe go out and get a portable jenny in the am? Assuming of course everything isn't shut down due to the storm.

09/10/2017, 10:33 PM
an idea from another thread is to fill a bucket above the tank and let it drain in slowly over time from a few holes

09/11/2017, 07:34 PM
How did everything turn out?

09/12/2017, 07:42 AM
an idea from another thread is to fill a bucket above the tank and let it drain in slowly over time from a few holes

That's a brilliant yet simple idea.

09/12/2017, 07:45 AM
Still no power. Been dumping water into the tank to oxygenate it on the hour ever since 6:00 Sunday.
Trying to see if I can get a car battery that I can link up to the MP40. From what I've read that might be an option.

09/12/2017, 08:13 AM
Does your truck or car have a house style plug in it

09/12/2017, 08:18 AM
I keep one of these on hand just in case..
(I see they have jacked the price up too on it now (+$10)..

09/12/2017, 11:22 AM
I had one of the ETM battery backups fail on me - when I needed it, of course. I now am quite diligent about testing them, and I have two.

09/13/2017, 09:39 AM
Hey guys, thanks for all the help, and sorry about the delayed response.

For the first day or so, I just poured a pitcher of water into it a bunch of times every hour and a half. (LOTS of lost sleep. lol) Yesterday, I ended up splitting the cable from the backup to the MP40 driver and hooking them up to a car battery I found. It actually worked just fine!
Power came back on late last night, and it looks like everything is still alive. I'm sure the salinity swings, lack of light and flow is going to cause some corals to not make it, but if that's the worst that happens then I'd say I'm pretty alright!

So yeah, if you're ever in this situation, a 12V battery for a car, tractor, or anything else will power your MP whatever for as long as it lasts. Hopefully you'll never need to do it, but that's a nice thing to have if you do.

Thanks again for everything!

09/13/2017, 10:48 AM
Well.. it may have worked but these are 24V, so their output will be limited

09/13/2017, 12:49 PM
Well.. it may have worked but these are 24V, so their output will be limited

What do you mean? MP40's require 24 volts to run?

09/13/2017, 01:14 PM
I just went through Irma as well and was lucky to only go 48 hours without power. I believe the battery backup uses one 12V 18ah battery that runs the pump at half power (steady flashing green light) plugs in on the smaller plug on the other side of the power cable. I bought several of these and built my own battery backup. I even hooked up two of the batteries in series 24V 18ah to run it for the second day at full power. My 180G aquarium survived just fine with the 1 MP10 agitating the surface. My next battery will be much larger and I may add a second MP10.

Tuscany Bob
09/13/2017, 06:47 PM
Are these pumps 12v or 24 v ?

09/13/2017, 08:17 PM
I had similar thing happen to one of my MP40 and it's new battery pack. I believe that there was an interruption/flicker. I tried reconnecting the battery plug but it kept flashing red/green. I also thought it was initially a dud battery, but my neighbor let me connect it to his generator for an hour and then unplugged it to simulate a power failure. Worked fine afterwards until power was restored yesterday. Your battery may still have power to it if its flashing. It needs a that power failure jolt to get it running again on battery power.

09/21/2017, 11:29 AM
The pumps operate full power and all wave options at 24V, but the battery backups are designed to run them at 12V half speed with no wave options.