View Full Version : Reef Radiance Starfire Connection Problems Fixed

09/11/2017, 08:22 PM
Hello folks,
Maybe this will help people having problems connecting to their Starfire light fixtures.

This is what I did for my Android phone.
Turn on 1 fixture and start AqDim. Click "Connection Cancelled".
Select "More" and then "Advanced setup".
Click "Still in Process".
Enter new password, at least 8 numbers.
When in Advanced Setup, select "STA" (static mode?) and
deselect "If boots to start program". This is with only 1 fixture turned on.
Re-start AqDim
You then see a MAC address (6 sets of numbers and letters). Click on it and see a Check mark. Click "OK".
The fixture should stay connected and you can adjust the settings
you want to use.
After setting up 1st fixture, turn it off and turn on 2nd fixture.
Start AqDim and repeat above.

NOTE: If there are connection problems, remove the cover on
the fixture and re-seat the WiFi IC chip module. It is a very poor
socket. I taped mine down to ensure it stays put as it hangs
upside-down in the fixture.
Good Luck

10/02/2017, 10:46 PM
I get to connection cancelled and then it doesn't give me any more options after that just doesn't connect