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09/11/2017, 08:59 PM
Hey Guys,

Don't you have your US location in Florida? Did all your people come through ok? We just lived through an evacuation with Harvey (no problems for us, but nearby). Irma looked like it caused serious problems in South Florida. Hope everyone is dry and safe.


09/11/2017, 10:31 PM
Thank you for asking. I'm on the west coast but our office/warehouse is in Ft. Myers along with Marco and Cristina. Everybody came out fine including our warehouse. Marco and Cristina opted to stay at their house and weather the storm instead of evacuating. The house had minimal damage and while they are still without power, they have generators running to keep things going at the house. Rogger Castille from Roggers Reef Food along with one of our customers drove a hundred miles today to bring them several cans of gasoline so they can keep their generators going, a window AC so they can cool their bedroom and some other stuff. That was really nice of Rogger and Matt. Hats off to them. I was ready to go there myself and had my keys in hand but then I realized it was thousands of miles away. :lmao:

Given the fact that power is still down in and around Ft. Myers with no ETA on power, we don't expect the office to be back up and running until late this week at the earliest bur things are a bit dynamic out there right now so that could change.

09/11/2017, 11:50 PM
Glad they are ok!

09/29/2017, 08:55 AM
We're fully back up and running, other than some small roof damage that trashed a bunch of our packaging materials - and held up shipping for a few days while we had to get in replacement boxes/wrap/peanuts - all was well.
We took lots of precautions and moved everything, wrapped to prevent water damage in case of...

We appreciate everyone's concern and checking in. :)