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09/12/2017, 06:01 AM
New 5 1/2 Maxima showing indicators of pinched mantle. Attempted a 30-minute fresh water dip with RO. Seems to have stabilized but not necessarily improved.

My questions are; For the fresh water dip can I use RO/DI or is it safer to be plain RO? I was under the impression that the deionized water can harm the clam.

If I need to dip again how long should I wait between dips?

And lastly, I have noticed an almost clear, sloughing off of what looks like a VERY thin layer of skin at the edge of the shell just above the folds at the spots where the mantle is curled. At first, I just thought it was mucus but it is certainly a layer of skin like tissue. (Not the mantle itself. )

Although I appreciate all input, I would really like to hear from those that have actual hands on experience here.

09/17/2017, 09:46 AM
It does not matter. RO or declorianted tab water is fine.
What you do is to use the decrease salinity to rupture and kill the microscopic pathogen. The RO, or tab water should have about the same effect on the clam. 30 mins will kill the pathogen and stressed but likely not kill the clam if he is not too far gone.
When I started this treatment in 2002, it was not successful unless I treated all the clams in the tank at the same time, or treat the clam and put him in another than that was free of the PMD pathogen.

And yes, I was the one that initiated this treatment protocol, and the one named PMD.