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09/12/2017, 03:00 PM
I just buy the JAGER 50 WATT AQUARIUM HEATER (EHEIM) for my Fluval evo 13,5 gallons.

I have a question. It's write the heater is "Completely submersible (watertight)" but if I look it (see picture beside the red 50W, you can see little waves. What that mean? I can put it completly underwater or the part over waves need to be out of water.


09/12/2017, 03:25 PM
I would recommend running it with the water level at the little waves picture, but yes, it is supposed to be 100% submersible. The less dials and cords you put underwater though, the less likely it is that the seals on them fail.

I think the reason they specify that it is submersible is so that if you drop it fully into water, it won't electrocute your tank, but if they recommend day-to-day use with the top out of the water (as the picture suggests), I would run it that way unless you HAVE to submerge it in your setup.

FYI here is a link to the manual (https://www.eheim.com/resources/product//445/downloads/11/EHEIM_aquarium_heater_25_-_300_manual.pdf)and product page (https://www.eheim.com/en_GB/products/technology/aquarium-heaters/thermocontrol-50W#downloads)

09/12/2017, 03:35 PM
Thanks. I just watch the manual more in detail and found the waves mean "Minimum water level mark " So, I'm happy because in my head, that was no sens to put the heater so high out of the tank :)