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09/13/2017, 05:01 PM

I purchased a Cubic Pulse 80 Jellyfish tank (24 gallons) to house a few Atlantic Sea Nettles, and they have different parameters than most reef tanks. I'm wondering if the lower salinity, higher pH, and room temp water may be affecting the tanks ability to cycle.. (or maybe I just missed it)

Here are the parameters that the Jellyfish breeder recommends for Atlantic Sea Nettles:

Salinity: 1.016 - 1.020 (22-27 ppt)

Temp: 68-78 degrees

pH: 8.1-8.4, Ideally 8.3

The tank has been cycling now for 17 days, and the only movement I've seen is Nh3,4 - increase after feeding the filter occasionally with frozen baby brine. The ammonia comes down a bit if I add Microbacter 7, but I don't see nitrites, and only minimal nitrates (possibly from a tiny bit of the liverock aquarium water that went in at the beginning.. I tested it out of curiosity and it was at 20ppm)

I had a temperature spike a few days ago due no A/C for 1 day during hurricane Irma, (I'm in Miami, FL) but I was able to keep the pump running with my power inverter.. Salinity came down to 1.015 so I added a quarter gallon of filtered saltwater yesterday and brought it up a little to 1.018 - There are tiny little white pods floating around and quite a few are running around on the glass now. I had another (much smaller) bloom in the first week. I'm guessing this time that there was a small bloom due to the slightly higher temps on "hurricane day"? Also my Alkalinity is the highest it's been so far @ KH= 12 Meq/L = 4.3 while my pH has started to drop again, down to 8.0 from 8.3 (Maybe because I removed a quarter gallon and added some saltwater)? It's only a 23 gallon tank, so I didn't think it would make much of an impact on water quality, other than raising the salinity.

To start the tank, I used filtered natural sea water & added R.O. water to reduce the salinity to specified parameters. I also crushed up some nice live rock with all kinds of coraline, which was placed on top of plastic bio balls. (I've noticed that most of the light green algae on the rocks has faded to a grayish bone color.. it was the second most prevalent algae on the rock initially, second to the purple coraline, which is all still there.

I read on some of the forums that the tank doesn't aerate very well, so I added an airpump w/ airstone on day 9 in the filtration chamber, but my pH began to drop to 8.0 and even below... I think it was also creating micro bubbles in the main tank, so I decided to remove it. Once removed, pH came back up to 8.3 with a little seachem reef buffer & then stabilized. Decided to leave it out for now. As I mentioned above, today it dropped to 8.0 again, but I don't want to add anymore buffer because my alkalinity is at the top of my acceptable parameters which are between 8 & 12 dKH. I'm currently at 12.

I'm trying real hard keep everything in check, but for a first time saltwater habitat, I think I need some practical advice from a longtime hobbyist, preferably with someone with jellyfish experience. I've read every book and thread on Atlantic Sea Nettles, but I know that nothing counts more than experience. Maybe everything is fine & I just need to wait a bit longer to see nitrites... Either way, I feel like it's been too long, especially since I used natural water, live rock, and added MB7 regularly..

Attached is a photo of the tank, bio-media filter, and my water parameters log..

Am I doing something wrong? ....any suggestions?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!


09/13/2017, 05:05 PM
Here is the log book with daily readings since the tank was started...

09/13/2017, 05:32 PM
Nice little tank ,I know nothing about jellyfish ,but did you allow the tank to fully cycle ?