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09/13/2017, 11:55 PM
Hi guys so I have been toying with the idea of getting a clam in my tank for a few months now and was wondering what you guys think. I'm still fairly new to this Hobby and while I feel like I have learned a lot and can for the most part maintain a healthy nano reef I'm not very nolagabl when it comes to clams. When I got into the nano reef hobby I had no thoughts of getting a clam but after seeing a few would love the opportunity to house one in my tank. I will not get one for a while even if it's possible just because I want a more mature tank if I get one. My biggest concern is that it will be competing for nutreaints with my Corals. I currently have 5 coral and they all are doing well but I feel like a clam may put to much of a strain on my nutrients I do weekly water changes of about 30% currently. I only have a 10 gallon but I've done some scratch the surface research and some people seem to think it's possible with a few species. So my main concerns are as follows. Will it put to much of a strain on my nutrients? Could I fit one in a 10 gallon tank? Would a bear bottom tank affect the gills or feet of the clam? Thanks guys for you put also my flow is about medium and I have a light capable of sustaining SPS coral but I only run it at 40-50% due to what I have.

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09/14/2017, 04:14 AM
Hi, they're filter feeders and should help with nutrient export if anything. I got a tiny Maxima from LA.com a few months ago and it lives on the frag crate 10" below my LEDs. I never feed it and it has grown quite a bit. Needs strong lighting like SPS. Let them hinge on a pc of liverock for several days and relocate the rock/clam to its final spot and you should be good especially Crocea clam. You will know if it doesnt like the spot. For a good primer on Tridacnas, watch this video:


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ssgss gogeta
09/14/2017, 04:37 AM

I keep a crocea clam in a 15g no troubles. As mentioned above they are filter feeders. With most things in our home reefs stability plays an important part. Things extra to consider

- as far as not being irritated by corals
- flow (also syphon positioning with flow)
- light

- your bb will be fine, I would never purchase a clam who's foot was not firmly attached to a small rock or rubble or something. Also if you are bb consider a crocea clam which are more often found in rockwork.

-I believe the crocea clam will be the smallest options as far as clams in maximum size which will suit a nano.
- anything smaller than 2-3 inches generally have a tough time adapting in home aquarium and often require specific feeding other than filter feeding.

- they can take a long time to die generally so you may not even realize your clam is dying over time.

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09/14/2017, 08:01 AM
Excellent information in this thread on keeping clams. I've had 2 over the years, the first one, a derasa (supposed to be the easiest to keep), never settled in and only lasted 3 months or so. The second one, a maxima, has done really well until recently, where I think it was smothered by other corals, and I'm fairly certain it died a few weeks ago.

Some other great references on Clams, first a good website/article (http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2010/7/inverts), and second, a great book (https://smile.amazon.com/Giant-Clams-Comprehensive-Identification-Tridacnid/dp/3921684234?_encoding=UTF8&keywords=Giant%20Clams%3A%20A%20Comprehensive%20Guide%20to%20the%20Identification%20and%20Care%20of% 20Tridacnid%20Clams&qid=1505397480&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1) that I keep as a shelf reference guide, that is also a great readthrough.

I would NOT recommend supplemental feeding. Have fishes, flow, and strong light, and the clam will do fine.

09/14/2017, 11:14 AM
Ya I bought that book a while back but it got damaged in transit so I got a refund but never bought the book again. Also thanks for the video luu78 it was great.

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09/14/2017, 12:24 PM
Clams are awesome this is the last thing I need for my 25g nano.

Have had clams in all my previous tanks and they are awesome just keep clean water, bright light and good alk/ ca supply

09/14/2017, 01:37 PM
I kept a sqamosa in my biocube for about 6 months until I upgraded to a larger tank.

Clams are fine in a nano, just be aware all will eventually outgrow the tank.

09/22/2017, 02:08 PM
I kept a crocea & a derasa in my 20 under a 150 HQI back in the day and it did great. It's manageable, but does require more intense light.