View Full Version : Biocube 14 LPS and Softies Help

09/15/2017, 01:59 AM
So I have a 14 Gallon Biocube that I basically reconstructed. I took the back where all the filtration was and when I was done the tank was empty. Then I went to finding a new form of filtration. I have a submerigible/HOB filter that I Moses to fit snug in my tank, I have a 50w heater , a small surface slimmer and a circulation pump fit for the tank , I have 20 lbs of live sand in the tank and 15 lbs of live rock , I cycled my tank with biospira which worked wonders literally wonders . And then proceeded to slowly adding coral. My tank parameters are all stable Ammonia:0ppm Nitrite:0ppm Nitrate:0ppm Phosphate:0ppm KH:10 Calcium:440. So I just wanted some pointers and some tips and I'm just concerned about how everything in the tank is doing. I have 3 torch coral head shot , 1 GSP Frag , 1 small Xenia Frag ,small zoanthid colony , and 2 mushrooms heads . My concerns are on the 2 Torch Coral heads , the Xenia , and the GSP that are completely closed.

09/19/2017, 10:06 PM
tank is really new which can cause grumpy attitudes and all of those coral's need nutrient .03 Phosphate and 5ppm nitrate is the happy zone. also dialing in lights can be another issue it's really best to go slow. what type of lighting?