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09/15/2017, 12:13 PM
I'm Lionel, 29 y/o and I live near Brussels, Belgium.
Long time reader, first time poster
First of all pardon my English, it is not my native language.

The tank I'm planning is still in an early stage. I'd love your suggestions, advice and so on. I'd probably start on the tank in february, since I have a trip planned in january

I currently have a slightly smaller tank (150x60x70cm) and would like to upgrade to 150x70x70cm, so a bit deeper (not higher).

Why the small upgrade?
I like the size, it's not to small, nor to big. Just like to have some more depth.

The current tank has a lot of issues, but mainly its the super small overflow.
It's more or less 15cm wide with small overflow tubing (25mm). I have the impression debris is not making it to the overflow enough to be filtered out.
I'd like the new tank to have a much wider overflow (50cm) and bigger overflow piping, so i could increase the tank turnover if needed.

The sump is also not very well designed, there is no room for mechanical filtration. I'd like the new sump to be able to house filter-socks so that I can catch the debris that makes it to the sump.

The rockwork has to be re-done since it is not flow friendly and not ideal for placing corals. There's also a pink carpet like coral encrusting EVERYTHING.

I'd like to incorporate a controller, go ZEOVit,...

So long story short, I want to upgrade.

Here is a quick scetch of what I'd like:
The smaller tank on the left is a planted tank, do not take into consideratrion

Some of the current equipment will be used on the new tank.
This equipment will be preceded by an * in the list below.

* 3 x AI Hydra 52's on their tank mounts

2 x Jebao DCP-10.000 (I allready have one for 3 weeks now, so might change if I don't like it)
I'd use 32mm PVC pipe for this
In the display there will be 1/2" loc-line with a straight flow nozzle

* 2 x Maxspect gyre (I don't remember which models i have, but they are sufficient)
4 x Tunze 6020(small flow pumps just to keep things moving behind the rockwork)

Water comes in through three 40mm return pipes, better safe than sorry
flows over the first weir to go through the filter socks and in the skimmer area
Skimmer is an * ATI powercone 200is, which I really like
I'm also going to start ZEOVit, or atleast try it out. So I think of buying the Vertex RX-Z 2.0.
After that, water flows over to the pumps. 2 pumps for redudancy. Since they are DC controllable, I can set them lower or higher if needed.

* Deltec PF501 calcium reactor fed by a Aquamedic peristaltic pump
Jerrycan for ATO (not pictured)

(Left of sump)
I'd like a controller, to monitor and control some functions, since I'd like some peace of mind when I'm not home. Being at work or on holiday.

So this is what I'm thinking of
GHL Proflux 4
pH sensor (kit) -> For the calcium reactor
Redox sensor (kit)
Conductivity sensor (kit)
Temperature sensor (kit) -> controlling fans/heaters
powerbar (kit)
extra powerbar
Float and optical sensor (for ATO)
Propeller control (for the fan)

* 2 x Chinese made dosing pumps, might upgrade to GHL

I think that's about it, equipment wise.
Might try and look for third party controllers (ice cap) to control the gyres and jeabao pumps with profilux. Might try to make a DIY skimmer neck cleaner

If you think of something, don't by shy, just ask or tell me!

More sketches down below!