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09/15/2017, 08:42 PM
I have had my acanthurus pyroferus (choc. Tang) for a few months. He went through rigours of ttm, observation, got scared so did cuprimine for 2 weeks, 3 round of prazi followed by 2 more weeks obsv. Always ate good. Now hes in the main display. Seems happy/healthy for the most part.

Anyways... How fat should this type of tang look. I see zebrasoma tangs in video that are plump clear to the root of top/bottom fins. I can't get my tang plump like that. He is clearly a wedge shape with the body as thin as the fins right at the root of those fins. His belly is almost always full, I put new seaweed out daily and feed frozen 3 times a week. All the other fish look as I'd expect but this my first tang of any sorts.

It is definatly the ruler of the tank along side the coris wrasse

I fed metro soaked nori for several days in a row while back. I can't confirm intestine worms anyways.

09/16/2017, 04:56 PM
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